Waves Discussion Tool




Getting Started

  1. Watch the ‘Waves’ music video as well as the “Waves: Behind The Music” backstory video.
  2. Click on the discussion questions [images] below to discuss the video.
  3. See links at the end for further insight, information, and downloadable versions.
  4. Click HERE for a Leader Guide that can help guide discussions.


Discussion Questions

What Now?

Check out the following sites for more information:
View the story

How to know God

Every Student dot com


1) For an interactive, offline version of the Waves Discussion Tool, click on the link below. This file may be used on your smartphone, iPad, or other electronic reading device and utilized wherever you go. >>RS_waves_discussion_tool_offline

2) For a PDF hardcopy version, click on the link below. You can print it out and use as you see fit. >>RS_waves_discussion_tool_offline_printable
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