“You Are (So Good To Me),” is a song that features the children of the Soweto Academy in Kibera, Kenya. You can listen to this track and purchase/download below.

This modern day psalm of praise is a collaborative effort between Rhymz Suhreal and the school children. Written over the course of a couple days in Kenya, it is a postcard of faith from children who face some of the life’s most oppressive poverty and discrimination day in and day out as residents of Africa’s notorious Kibera slum. Yet they still have a reason to hope, and to sing.

Only 3 out of 100 children make it out of Kibera

The odds aren’t good, but God still is.
Since our introduction to the academy in 2008, we have seen first-hand the tremendous life tools and hope that the principals and staff offer it’s more than 600 students. By providing food (in many cases student’s only meal for the day), care (many students have lost parents due to disease) and top quality Christian education, the students receive nourishment and training for both the mind and the soul. (Amazingly despite it’s meager academic resources, Soweto Academy consistently scores amongst the top in national school exams!)

Hear honest praise and HELP these children’s toughest hurts.
100% of your purchase of this song will go directly towards continuing the spiritual, educational, and physical well-being of these children. With your purchase of this song, you will be helping to support the ray of hope that is Soweto Academy, a light in a dark place.

Sing praises with us today by purchasing this download and helping out Rhymz Suhreal’s friends, our brothers and sisters of the Soweto Academy. From their hearts to yours, thank you for your purchase of this song. God is good, wakati wote(all the time).

peace— Zak & Becky

(note: download payment will be made to our church’s mission account- which handles our funding for Soweto)

Here is a video of us with the kids at Soweto singing “Get On Up!” — They ROCKED it!


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